Spotted: some of our favourite merch from 2023

Spotted: some of our favourite merch from 2023 Are you thinking about your merch budget for 2024? Take a look...

Spotted: some of our favourite merch from 2023

Are you thinking about your merch budget for 2024? Take a look at this little lot for inspiration. Whilst we cannot lay claim to these exciting projects, we appreciate and celebrate the creativity behind them and the best of what can be delivered by the right merch, at the right time in the right place.

Planning is such a vital part of the process when picking your branded swag. These campaigns show us the power of merchandise whether it’s being gifted or sold.

A selection of spotted big brand swag offerings over the last year:

We have to start with Barbie the movie merch. Wow, so much of it! From mugs to drawstring bags, swimming pool inflatables to dressing gowns, smartphone cases and even a dog jumper, the Barbie merch buyers went all out. This is like an interview exercise; if you had no budget for this campaign what would you spend it on?’ they bought everything. If there was any merch budget to envy in 2023 this was it. So much pink!

What we can earn from this is that there is a demand for the less run-of-the-mill items, the fun items and the clever ways in which your logo and brand colours can be incorporated into your swag designs.

Swag that everyone’s been talking about:

Wimbledon merchandise

Our favourite tennis tournament branded merchandise collection included: Towels, jumpers, tea towels, dog harnesses, face cloths, keyrings, t-shirts, tea bags and more.

Take a look for inspiration:

Barbie swag

You can’t have missed this! Pink stuff was everywhere and we don’t mean the kitchen cleaner. The movie launch for Barbie was huge, and what campaign doesn’t benefit from branded merch?

Get ready to scroll because there’s a lot!

Taylor Swift merchandise

Swifties can get their hands on everything from socks to Crocs, and keyrings to doormats (we were surprised too but what a fun idea?!). What grabbed us about this collection is it’s not just the logo being used to identify this merchandise.

Take a look:


We all know this supermarket stuffs those middle aisles with all sorts of weird and wonderful items, they have started to build up the swag collection, mostly based on apparel:

Take a look at the Aldi treats:

Club Renaissance goody bag – Beyonce tour

Beyonce ticket holders were raving about this bag and its contents, take a look, Bey kept it simple, but meaningful:

See the goody bag (sound on for video):

New merchandise coming soon

We’re about to see Wonka swag launch in time for the new movie this Christmas and we can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with. According to media reports this merch collection is full of surprises with creative offerings and collaborations from Tom Davis Wonka-inspired colour-changing, glow-in-the-dark AND scented glasses, as well as HiSmile Wonka Chocolate toothpaste, it just goes to show how much fun you can have with a merch campaign! You can give people a brand-new experience, have you ever used chocolate flavoured toothpaste?

Reducing waste

We are huge advocates of the planning involved in your merchandise strategy, not only to make sure you spend your budget wisely in a way that will connect with your audience but also to avoid promotional merchandise creating waste. A great solution to overcome this is putting the choice into the hands of your recipient.

A redemption store or webstore is the perfect solution for this. In a nutshell, much like an online shopping experience, you give your client, customer, potential or team member code to redeem the item of their choice. You choose which items are available for that particular code – your recipient chooses their gift, creating a personalised gifting experience.

The branded merchandise gifting experience

How are you packaging and distributing your merchandise? Direct from supplier or do you pop a handwritten note inside? Are you gathering all the goodies up yourself and packaging them up? With our redemption store offering, we’ll take care of that for you – no more boxing up in the office. From picking and packing, to shipping and tracking, we can take care if it all.

What’s the most memorable piece of merchandise you came across in 2023?

Which merch do you think will be big in 2024?

Will it be single items or collections like Beyonce’s goody bag?

If you have something you’d like to share that you think our Initial Incentives community might like to learn more about please send an email to we’d love to talk to you about it.


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