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Grow your relationships and accelerate the regeneration of nature with Initial Incentives

We care about our future.

We champion responsible branding for a positive impact on businesses and the environment through our diverse range of sustainable merchandise. Sustainable merchandise is the way forward.

We advocate for conscientious branding that benefits both businesses and the environment, offering a wide selection of eco-friendly merchandise. Embracing sustainable products is the path to a better future, and better yet, you no longer have to compromise on quality.

Key benefits include:

Meeting consumers more conscious expectations

Aligning with CSR goals

Complying with business specific regulations

Ensuring long-term resilience and success in a changing world

Promote your brand responsibly.

Our line-up of sustainable products resonates with conscious consumers, echoing ethical practices and environmental responsibility. From raw materials to manufacturing processes, each item sends a compelling message, amplifying your credibility and resonating with consumers that prioritise sustainability. 

Stand out from the competition.

Promote your brand by seamlessly weaving sustainability into your promotional strategies, setting your business apart. Showcase more than just products; highlight your commitment to future and show that you care.

Make a difference with

Tree by Tree

Show you truly are committed to the environment by gifting single trees or creating your own branded forest community to accelerate the regeneration of nature. You can connect your employees and customers to your company forest, making them part of your re-greening ambition, creating a sense of responsibility as well as building relationships along the way. 

A revolutionary way to show you care.

Gift individual trees or establish your own forest under your brand to promote nature’s rejuvenation. Integrate your employees and customers with your corporate forest initiative, involving them in your environmental restoration goals as well as enhancing your brand’s visibility by showcasing your forest’s contributions on your website and through social media.

Establish your own forest.

Gifting trees or even establishing your own forest will go under your brand name to allow you to promote rejuvenation in nature, contributing to your CSR and building those trusted brand relationships. Involve your employees and customers with your corporate forest initiative, particularly enhancing your brand’s visibility by showcasing your forest’s contributions on your website and through social media as you’ll receive stats on how your forest is performing.

A concept that gets people excited about engaging with your brand as well as about fighting climate change is sure to go down well, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Decide on the purpose

Gifting trees is a good way to show appreciation to employees as a thank you, celebrate birthdays and welcome new hires as part of a gifting box. The unique sustainable idea can help you stand out at conferences or events and ensure the attendees will remember you.

Choose how to add to your order

We recommend adding a gift card to your order, but we can also add QR codes to existing packaging or products or add in printed inserts, branded of course.

Follow and share

Both sender and recipients get access to a dashboard tracking their trees’ positive impact on CO2 sequestering, water retention and much more. And they receive regular tree updates to provide long-term interest.


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