Grow your brand reputation and accelerate the regeneration of nature with our new partnership with Ecologi. 

A revolutionary way to show we care.

All orders over £1,000 will result in trees being planted to allow us to contribute to environmental restoration on your behalf. We want to involve you with our environmental restoration goals, as well as allowing you access to how your orders with us have had a positive impact. We’ll give you stats on your tree contributions that you can share on your website and through social media.

Grow your contributions.

If you place regular orders with us, you may end up with enough tree contributions to almost fill a forest – with no extra cost to you! You can then use this to promote your efforts in the rejuvenation of nature, contributing to your CSR and building those trusted brand relationships. Involve your employees and customers with your corporate tree initiative, you can gift extra trees alongside those we already purchase to increase your brand contribution. If you’d like to add them to products to show your customers the direct contributions you’re making, this can be an optional extra.

A concept that gets people excited about engaging with your brand as well as about fighting climate change is sure to go down well, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Place a branded merch order

The process is simple, and no-hassle or cost to you. Any orders over our minimum amount will automatically receive trees planted in Africa, with the scale of tree planting increasing with order volume, up to a maximum of 100 trees. We handle all the logistics, and keep track of how many trees your orders have contributed over time.

Optional extras

If you’d like to take it a step further and include tree planting as part of each product order, we can create bespoke gift cards to include alongside your branded merchandise. Promoting your sustainability efforts direct to your customers can have an impactful and lasting impression.

Follow and share

We have our very own Ecologi dashboard to allow all our clients and customers to see how together we are making a difference to climate change. If you’d like your individual stats, your account manager will keep you up-to-date and we encourage you to share these to promote your environmental contributions.

Why it matters.

Net-zero Ambitions

Working towards this is important for the future, tree planting is just the start.

Tackle Climate Change

Every little helps, and by ordering with us you are also doing your bit for the environment.

Sustainability Goals

We recognise that 76% of businesses now have sustainability as a core strategy.

Our Sustainability Mission.

We advocate for conscientious branding that benefits both businesses and the environment, offering a wide selection of eco-friendly merchandise. Embracing sustainable products is the path to a better future, and better yet, you no longer have to compromise on quality.

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