Global distribution & fulfillment.

We have built a global network with offices strategically positioned in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Dunstable and Taiwan. These locations have been carefully selected for their diverse characteristics, and serve as hubs for innovation, collaboration, and excellence. 

Making global happen.

Our teams, composed of talented professionals from various backgrounds, work tirelessly to deliver exceptional products and services that meet the evolving needs of our worldwide clientele. Through our extensive reach, we’ve gained profound insights into local markets, enabling us to tailor offerings that resonate globally.

Integrated into our global operation is a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We actively engage with local communities supporting initiatives in education, environmental conservation, and economic development. As we expand globally, our people remain the driving force behind our success, embodying our vision of a connected world where innovation and collaboration transcend borders. 

Our international services.

Supply Chain Management

From order to delivery we take care of the whole process for you.

Distribution Channels

We have the right infrastructure in place to fulfill any worldwide orders.


Our international experience ensures our services are market driven.

Fulfilment Centre

Our local fulfilment centres ensure a personalised service.

Technology Integration

We use the latest technology for the highest quality finish.


Start small and expand to your global team, we can grow with you.


Local, and reliable.

You will be dealing with real people, with actual offices located worldwide. The relationships we have within our global network will ensure a smooth and reliable service, not matter where you need distribution. 


A range of branded merchandise options that will align with your brand identity and goals.


An online platform to showcase and sell a range of pre-selected products with low involvement from you.


Boost your brand by increasing visibility alongside fostering customer and employee loyalty.


From swag packs to standout merchandise pieces – we’ve got a huge range of merch to choose from.

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