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Bringing Juice Plus+ merchandise to a program of global events

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Bringing Juice Plus+ merchandise to a program of global events.

Juice Plus + entrusted us with the exciting challenge of crafting a distinctive collection of merchandise tailored for their events held in vibrant locations such as Brighton, Warsaw, Berlin, Milan and Madrid. Collaborating closely with Juice Plus + team, we delivered into their objectives, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the brief. Presenting an array of carefully curated merchandise options, we not only provided competitive unit prices but also seamlessly managed the entire process – from designing proofs to placing orders and coordinating deliveries.

Juice Plus +

The Challenge.

To support their mission of promoting healthy lifestyles on the go, Juice Plus+ needed branded products that their customers could use and store conveniently. The goal was to create a distinctive collection of merchandise for these events, ensuring the items were suitable for diverse locations and could be shipped directly to event venues.

The Solution.

Initial Incentives collaborated closely with Juice Plus+ to develop a tailored merchandise collection that aligned with the brand’s core values of longevity, authenticity, quality, community, simplicity, and approachability. The team at Initial Incentives managed the entire process from designing proofs to coordinating deliveries, ensuring seamless execution.

Branded merchandise for the events included:

  • Protein Shakers: For convenient consumption of Juice Plus+ shakes on the go, whether at work, in the car, or elsewhere.

  • Capsule Containers: To store Juice Plus+ capsules efficiently and portably.

  • Backpacks: Providing ample space for carrying Juice Plus+ products and personal items.

  • Notebook and Pen Sets: Enabling consumers to track their activities and progress, fostering a sense of achievement and organisation.

Additionally, Initial Incentives suggested and implemented an e-commerce site for pre-orders, enhancing the overall experience and convenience for event participants.

The Impact.

The merchandise provided by Initial Incentives helped reinforce Juice Plus+’s brand values and commitment to healthy living. The items not only facilitated practical needs but also enhanced the sense of belonging and community among attendees, fostering what Juice Plus+ calls the “Juice Plus+ Family.” This community aspect is integral to their philosophy, supporting a holistic approach to healthy living that extends beyond physical health to include social connections and shared purpose.


Supporting global brands with merchandise

The collaboration with Initial Incentives culminated in a successful support effort for Juice Plus+’s many events, setting a high standard for the remaining conventions throughout 2024. The project exemplified effective partnership and strategic execution, contributing significantly to the overall event success and participant satisfaction, and the merch looked fantastic, take a look at the photos!

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