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Discover our range of sustainable products now available, with great prices and quality

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Why opt for a swag pack?

Swag packs are a collection of promotional items that brands tend to giveaway at events, trade shows or conferences as part of their marketing campaign to increase brand visibility and engagement. Swag packs are also often presented to new employees to welcome them to an organisation and help build an employee-brand relationship.

Popular products

What’s trending right now?

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If you are looking for unique products, or just can’t find what you’re after, then we offer a product development service where we can make almost anything happen. We have relationships with manufacturers across the world to be able to source and develop new products that are tailored to your needs. Better yet, this type of product can still be cost effective and you may be surprised by how easy it is to do. 

Initial Incentives helped us to produce the perfect merchandise product selection for our recruitment fair.

Sustainable products

Green merchandise

We are proud to be leading the way in moving the industry towards a more sustainable future and helping our clients to do the same. We have invested in growing our sustainable merchandise offering to enable brands to be able to choose more ethical options, but without compromising on quality or budget.

Sustainable Materials

Innovation in sustainable materials has come a long way, with bamboo and many recyclable materials now available and arguably surpassing the quality of non-sustainable products.

Certified green

We are proud of our efforts to support sustainability and are currently in the process of becoming  a B Corp certified organisation to be able to proudly promote our commitment. 

Tree by

We now offer a unique way to help businesses show their commitment to the environment, with options to brand trees or entire forests, and include this within branded gift packages and items.

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